Hiring multiple part time positions please read now!


Are you currently looking for a part-time side income?

Currently we have some part-time openings for our team. We are looking for valuable members who can contribute positively to the team and project. We want you to help move the development forward so the entire team can work full-time.

Email is : [EMAIL=“”]
Website is :

Compensation is paid per task completed which we agree upon before you start, only signing a NDA is required to begin.

Game Debrief: A UE4 Online RPG which is nearly entering Beta. The game is focused on fantasy, magic, middle ages and war. Watch our intro and feel free to visit the website below.…tYwRI6HHaWZ3zY

The current roles we are looking to fill are: Project / Document Organizer, Music Composer, 3D modeler, 2D artist, Animator, Rigger, Marketers, Ads specialists, Accountant and WordPress Experts.

I’ll speak a little on each position below:

  • Project / Document Organizer who can keep everything that is happening documented and controlled. Managing a big project like this can be very difficult but it becomes a little easier with the right organizer involved.

  • Music composer who can create their own vision for the soundtracks without having to heavily rely on things such as level design. We have level design changing pretty often which can be hard to dedicate a sound track too, the best work flow would be for you to create sound tracks for the game and later find the perfect location. This game has a nice few opportunities for music placement.

  • 3D character modeler who has a strong portfolio and can provide proof that hiring them will prove worth the money. We are seeking a character modeler who can work with us long term. We need characters for the game to replace our UE4 marketplace game assets. Having rigging experience and animation experience would also be nice but we are considering adding extra members for these steps. Your job would be to create a male and female character which is acceptable for morph target, compatible with UE4 epic skeleton, and made for a MMORPG style of game where items and character creation are essential.

  • 2D Concept Artist We are paying per art created. Please apply only if you like medieval fantasy. Illustration digital art is nice and concept artists are welcome to apply.-

  • Marketing / promotional experts please apply

  • Google ad / Facebook ads / YouTube ad experts please apply

  • Website design experts (WordPress) feel free to apply

  • Accountants, feel free to apply.

Email is :