Hiring help?

I have been tinkering with ue4 for couple of months, Im learning blender, so im just concentrating on assets atm. Im reaching a stage where im realising, following random tutorials, will not get you a finished game.
I dont expect people to sit in front of their pc and spend hours coding a blueprint, on promise of big money when the game succeeds. I want to pay people for their work. But I dont have $$$ to throw around either. Few years back while playing with Unity, I attempted a similar thing, however things quickly turned sour for me, after paying money for a worthless script somebody made up following a youtube tutorial. He/she took the money and was never heard from again. I really want to avoid this.
Is it possible to form a forum friendship (doubt anyone here is living down the road from me) with a coder. Someone who will stick with me to the end, while getting paid per script. Like i said, i cant throw huge amount of money in one go, it would be easier to pay someone per blueprint/script. I want to avoid hiring different people, as that would just be confusing.
Is this something people would be interested in?

i had sent to you a pm

I encourage you to write down the basics of your game. Why will people want to play it? What other games are similar? Think through the business and gameplay angles. Your plan may change over time, but it is good to have a clear starting point for your plan.