Hiring for Various Positions at Palm Beach Games

Informal Greeting:Hi! I’m Jake, one of the directors of Palm Beach Games, and I’m looking for some younger guys and gals to join our team (soon to be a company) to fill various open positions, from higher-level development positions to entry-level organizational and marketing positions.

We are running on a limited budget, and have yet to ask our community of followers for any money at all.

We are trying as hard as possible to get by on the combined effort of volunteer interns looking for a hobby and low-cost contractors for now, which is why we are reaching out to you.

If you would like to join our team, please fill out an application or email us (found under “To Apply” below). We’re open to nearly all skill levels!

Now onward with the formal introduction and information…

Who we are:Palm Beach Games is a small, private software/video game development team and company. We started up a few years ago working with a small team of around ten individuals from the GTA community, and have been working towards the goal of releasing a major RPG game titled “Modern Law” that will put players into the role of a law enforcement officer in the city of Dallas (Texas). We are really taking our time with development to ensure a successful launch.

Our website can be found here: https://palmbeachgames.com and our game website is http://modernlawgame.com

What we are looking for:We’re looking for skilled individuals have a passion for video games, especially RPG games, and are willing to help us out with our goal. We have no launch date set, and are only early into the development of “Modern Law.” “Modern Law” is being developed using the Unreal 4 Game Engine (if you couldn’t guess).

Check out our careers page to see all the open positions. Currently we have an opening in almost all our non-management positions; we have jobs for people at all skill levels.

Many of the positions are internships, meaning that they will not be paid. Our openings are great for people looking to work on a portfolio or for people looking for an educational and exciting hobby. Some of the upper-level development positions may receive some form of payment after launch and income source develops, depending on various factors. However, again, do not *expect *any form of payment. We’re doing this more for the fun of game development and creating a dream game, not really for the money.

To Apply:Submit an application at hereor email us at

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about us or our hiring process.

We look forward to hearing from you!