Hiring for a Level Game Designer


we are hiring for a level designer artist for to design and build a scene for a VR Project we are working on we
are in need of a area where we live here is the link on google maps…5994958?hl=en

we need the landscape with every detail if possible

feel free to contact us regarding the cost and the time frame budget is low as we are a brand new company

we are using this template for our game what you will need to get started with

Hi Everyone

I’m looking for someone very kind and well experienced in building open world projects
we are in the need of a landscape that is 1.5 miles I need a landscape that allow a character to freely walk around
please find picture on google maps I need exact area and the main house as well

youtube channel for unreal engine…confirmation=1

google maps link of area…5994958?hl=en

pictures of google map of area…opbox.rar?dl=0…scape.PNG?dl=0

video of area…0well.PNG?dl=0

hi there,

Is this is a paid position?

Yes it is very low budget as we are a brand new gaming company

we can also offer 1% of the sales profits of the game from the sales on steam

Hello GamesUK,

My name is Roman, I’m with Program-Ace, leading VR/AR/3D and game development company based in Ukraine. We have successfully completed over 700 projects and I would be happy to discuss how we can help deliver your project. Are you open for a call?

My skype - romanprogramace
Email -