Hiring: Epic Evangelist for Central Europe

Hello All,

We’re looking to hire an Evangelist to represent Epic in Central Europe. What does an Evangelist do? Basically get people excited about UE4, help them get started, and see how Epic can help make UE4 games stand out in a competitive marketplace. Feel free to send me a PM, or email:

Unreal Engine Evangelist

Epic is looking for an experienced game industry professional to represent Unreal Engine in Central Europe.

The ideal candidate will have extensive game developer contacts in Central Europe, knowledge of the game development pipeline and related tools, basic C++ game programming experience, business development or marketing experience, local language fluency, and excellent written & verbal English communication skills. This position requires extensive travel within your territory and some to international destinations.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Ongoing outreach to game developers in Central Europe
  • Educate developers as to the benefits of UE4 vs competing middleware or internally developed technology
  • Craft and execute strategies to help developers meet their goals using Unreal Engine
  • Ongoing relationship management with developers in your portfolio
  • Represent Epic at conferences and trade shows in Central Europe
  • Organize local and regional developer events
  • Travel to key developer studios
  • Monitor and moderate regional forums at forums.unrealengine.com
  • Ongoing status communication of efforts and key developers to Epic
  • Report key observations or trends in Central Europe to Epic
  • Relay feedback from developers to Epic regarding products, services, and initiatives
  • Maintain appropriate records of developer status and interaction

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
  • 7 years game industry, or related industry experience
  • 2 years C++ programming experience
  • 2 years business development, marketing, or sales experience
  • Knowledge of the game development pipeline and related tools
  • Great professional connections with the game developer community in Central Europe
  • Local language fluency
  • Knowledge of local culture and customs

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This thread is 2-3 years old and no longer relevant.