Hiring C++ Engineer for Auto Battler

Project Title:

Illuvium is an upcoming Auto Battler / RPG hybrid built on the blockchain. The player hunts for monsters in the world and then fights them in an auto battler encounter. The player has to choose their team of monsters to maximise their chance of winning.


  • Fully deterministic battle simulation
  • Fully data drive abilities system
  • 3rd person overworld adventure view.

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer

  • Understanding of how to build deterministic functions that can be run on client and server.
  • Logic and problem solving skills to be able to structure the code in a fully data driven way.
  • Self motivated, and able to work well remotely,
  • Works will in a team
  • Perforce experience
  • AAA or Indie experience with a published title

Note: Blockchain experience is not necessary to fulfill the requirements of this job.


Discord: Aaron | Illuvium#2255