Hiring Additional C++ Programmer for final push to Kickstarter, Circuits and Shields

Circuits and Shields (http://twitter.com/CircuitsGame) is hiring one additional programmer to help us polish off some final tasks before we move into Kickstarter. We’ve been in development for approximately 18 months so we have a very established code base already and two other programmers actively contributing.

Your tasks will be odd-jobs as they come up and you’ll be touching most parts of the code at some point. I’m expecting 5-10 hours a week and will pay hourly. We should have plenty to keep you busy for as long as you want to stay on the project. Our project is very high quality (or so we like to think) and we don’t really like to do things half-*****, so unfortunately at this time, we’re not taking beginner programmers.

Skype: CThomlison
Email: [EMAIL=“CThom@circuitsandshields.com”]CThom@circuitsandshields.com

Here’s an in-game screenshot so you know we are pretty freaking legit:

Unfortunately the guy we hired fell through. This position is open again

Hi Mr Thomlison

I’m available to work on your project, check my LFW post [CONTRACT/PAID] C++/Blueprint, Maya Developer/Programmer - Looking For Work? - Unreal Engine Forums.

There are two CThomlison on Skype, a Chandler and Clyde, if you’d like to chat more PM me which Skype Name is yours.