Himeko Sutori alpha test

edit: Thanks for taking a look, but I’m going to be taking the link down for now, changing some stuff, and maybe we’ll put it back up when we launch the Kickstarter. I’ll be in touch.

Hey everyone. I’m not advertising this to the entire world just yet, but here we go…

…[url removed while changing stuff for the Kickstarter campaign]…

That’s a PC build only. And I’ve only tested it at 1920x1080. Options menu is empty. The illusionist class doesn’t do anything yet. The inventory button is an artifact; you access your equipment through the character sheets. There are only two sound effects in the game. AI is rudimentary. The tutorial dialog is minimal and leaves a lot for you to figure out on your own. Dialog click-through is not behaving 100% as expected. The characters have not been balanced. (The rangers in particular are overpowered. They have their level 2 equipment set.) Into cinematic is very simple, and the intro cinematic level is poorly built. Cheats and development code are still in place. I know, I know. And there’s probably a lot more that I don’t know yet.

But it works, or at least, that’s what I’m hoping.

1,000+ hours of work for about 20 minutes of gameplay (I can play through it in about 5), consisting of only 3 battles.

I’m planning on launching a Kickstarter in a few days. I would greatly appreciate the input of my fellow UDK developers before I show this to the rest of the unforgiving internet.

Please click the download link above, install it, give it a try, and let me know what you think. To play it if you do not launch immediately from the installer, you’ll have to go into Binaries/Win32 and launch UDK.exe.

That’s about it. I welcome your feedback, but please do keep in mind this is a work in progress, and the very first functional build I’ve made. Thanks again for helping me test it out. And thanks for all of your help here on the forums, on the old forums, and everywhere else. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

Tips if you get stuck: Please only read if you can’t figure something out.

To add a character to a lance, click on the new lance button. Left-click a character to select. Right click where you want to put the character. The first character in a lance becomes squad leader. The number of characters you can put into a lance depends on the character’s leadership score. Every character has a cost in leadership points, and that cost varies depending on relative level difference and the characters’ primary elements. (It costs more to put a blue unit under a red squad leader, etc.)

You can hold position by pressing H. Holding position also gives you a defensive bonus.

And always remember to put your units into a lance. They won’t join the battle if they’re not in a lance.