Highway 66 - Open World Car Combat RPG

Highway 66 is an open world car combat RPG game set in a pre-apocalyptic setting. Customization, realism and fun are at the core of Highway 66. While most are quick to compare it to Twisted Metal, Highway 66 draws its inspiration not from the arcade and simplistic gameplay of Twisted Metal, but from the car combat simulator Interstate 76 and the much loved pen and paper RPG, Car Wars.


  1. Open world single player campaign with meaningful choices that have consequences.

  2. Leveling, skill tree, skills, inventory and crafting system.

  3. More realistic, but still fun vehicle physics.

  4. Optional interactive vehicle interior similar to a flight sim. All interactive objects are usable by hotkeys as well.

  5. Full vehicle customization of mechanical parts (engine, transmission, etc), weapons and armor.

You can follow the project on my Facebook page.

Visual update from 8-10-18.


Update with new vehicle from 08-17-2018 and a day/night cycle, headlights, working tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, steering wheel, ignition key, etc. Everything is still very early. Right now I’m focusing on core functionality, so all the art will get a major overhaul at some point.