Hightlight ON Not work

Hi, i make the firts esperience in UE4 for architetture…
i try to illumintate the hightlight , i have study all the 9 lessons of blueprint in youtube
and i have buy and try to copy to CountryHouse Project case of sofà and highlight
this is my :
this is the event graph of the example …
in both the case the box read and activate the same connection in the overlap… but in my case (chair1) i not see the border light effect.

Please help me :slight_smile:

no reply? :frowning:

Is Generate Overlap Events for the chair set to true?

Make sure you have a post process volume in your leave with a blend material set up in it. With out this the “Render Custom Pass” wont do anything. From what I’m aware of all outline effects are done via a material that’s applied using a post process volume to a mesh when using “Custom Render Pass”.

Hope this helps.