Hightlight an object on mouse over and moving to by clicking on it.

Hello guys,

I’m using the top/down template. it works really nice and I made some improvements and modifications here and here.

It seems to be a simple task, but I can’t find what I’m looking for.
I’d like to, by pointing at it, create a “highlighted” an object by pointing at it. On youtube and here on the forum, all I can found is tutos for making actors having an outline. But that’s not what I want to do exactly and… I don’t know how to make a proper outline material. (Since there is no more in the starter content)

Then, I’d like to being able to reach this item by clicking on it and simply moving to and stop near this item. Like in a RTS, a hack’n slash or a RPG. I want to put some interaction/animation with that but now I have to focus on small things. One step by one step.

So, my clue is : I have to store informations on an actor, and then say to my blueprint to show these informations on the HUB, then highlight it, by moving my mouse over. Like in a Hack’n slash for example. You know, you see a monster, you move your cursor on it and it shows his life or whatever. Then you click on it and your character move to this monster.
That’s why I’m trying to do. No attack, no animation, there’s way more toturials, informations for doing that…
But not for the first step…

If anyone could help me, by giving some advices, I’d be very grateful.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Hey guys ! Have some more free time, anyone who give me a clue ?
Still looking for playing with the engine for making something like a hack’n slash.

It’s not the most covered genre here as far as I can tell. But eh. I still hope someone have some experience with it.

Thank you !

Start with the most basic task, then build on it. Do you already have the part that allows clicking with the mouse on an actor and, for example, change its color?

I answered this other thread few days ago and the OT posted his final working solution. Should put you on the right track for the first step:

Once you know how to identify an actor and change its color, you can make a highlighting material for it, so you will give it a highlight instead of changing its color. Same principle. And since you already have the actor’s location from having identified it, you can make your player walk toward it quite easily.

One step at a time.

Sometimes, remaining simple things like :
“One step at a time” is just what you need to refocus.

Your answer and with some help from a friend who know how to make materials, I’ve managed to make what I was looking for.

Thanks vr_marco ! :slight_smile: