HighSchool: Classroom

This package contains about 400 assets for your games.
Pack includes:
• 12 Blueprints
• 60 props objects (books, notebooks, jalousie etc.)
• 7 funiture objects (chair, table, cupboard etc.)
• 5 modular objects (walls, floor, ceiling)
• 10 master materials
• 7 material functions (AO mask, tessellation, dirt etc.)
• 119 material Instance
• 191 textures (from 2048x2048 to 512x512)
• 1 complite scene
• 1 sequence project

Project on the Marketplace Preview

That rocks man, gg :wink:
The blueprint options look really great, cool options.
What gonna be the price please ? (Don’t forget this kind of information please:rolleyes:)

PS: i used to love ‘school’ :cool:

Wow. Looks great.

Looks great

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