Using HighResShoton 4.15, the results are blurry ? Any ideas on how to get unblurry screenshots?

See my KiteDemo screenshots.

There are two screen shots up there (the first and last) which I took using windows+printscreen and those are not blurry. The rest I did with HighResShot to get higher resolution, but they are blurry, as if it rendered two frames instead of one.

Have you done those screenshots while you were moving? Do you get a “clear” screenshot when you try it in another level? (e.g default map) :slight_smile:

Don’t use the HighResShot, tons of things break, anything screen space breaks. Instead use Nvidia DSR (or the AMD equivalent) to set your monitors resolution to something like 4k and use print screen or some sort of screen capture.

I usually increase the screen space percentage by 400% and then take a regular screenshot. HighResShot screws with reflections and AA last I checked.

How to:
r.screenspacepercentage 400 (iirc that’s the command)
r.screenspacepercentage 100

then repeat as necessary.

I found this explanation which should clarify things: