HighResShot with UUserWidget

Whenever I take a screenshot the widgets (or HUD) are not displayed.

I’m inheriting from AHUD, then adding my widgets to the viewport:

void UMyGameInstance::ShowWidget(UUserWidget* Widget)
    if (Widget != nullptr)

The widgets display correctly on the screen. And I have no problem interacting with them during gameplay. However, as I said, I’m having a hard time getting them to show up in the output produced from the HighResShot tool.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.

HiResShot doesn’t capture any widgets or HUD elements since they’re drawn after all the GBuffers are rendered. I’m afraid the only way to get a shot with the UI over the top is an good 'ol printscreen.

That made me laugh :smiley: thanks TheJamsh.

For awhile there I thought I was doing something wrong.

Does the Blueprint Console Command with “shot” capture HUD Elements?

See my post here:!

I don’t have anything with HUD elements right now to test if this does work. But maybe worth a try.


I tried “shot” earlier today and the output was totally off. Not sure why though.

Appreciate the threat is a little old, but have looked around and this is as close to an answer I found…

Is printscreen still the only way to capture a screenshot showing widgets/HUD?

And I laughed aloud again (TheJamsh answer). Honestly, I forgot about this posting. I don’t know the answer but if I get a chance to look at or stumble onto an answer I’ll let you know.

Well, are there any plugins for that? Or any way to capture a screenshot with UMG widgets on screen.

Update: The “shot” command doesn’t capture UMG, but pressing F9 works! Sadly I don’t see any way to execute that F9 press from blueprints programatically.

Update 2: Strange, the docs say that F9 is a bind for the “shot” command, but “shot” doesn’t capture UMG, while pressing F9 does.

Update 3: I’ve found a nice plugin that can take screenshots with UI if needed:

… Still, it’s weird that pressing F9 captures UI while the “Shot” command doesn’t.

Simply add “ShowUI” behind it. Then it will capture UMG widget.

So on console command, put “Shot ShowUI”.