Highresshot command capturing black screen


highresshot 1 command to take screenshot seems to be acting weird. Whenever i use it to take a screenshot what it captures is nothing but black emptiness(both in play in viewport and new window.)
It also moves the window behind the editor when i do this on play in New Window.
Nothing urgent for me but just letting you know since it seems to be broken.

Also thanks for all the new stuff!!!

Hi Mehmet,

Thank you for your report. We have attempted to reproduce this issue on Beta 6 with different machines, but we are receiving images as normal. Does this occur on a new blank project? Where is the project that this occurs on saved to? What are your system’s specs? Please let me know this information and I will be happy to further investigate this issue.



Hey Alexander,

It seems to be an issue on my end. I use IrfanView to view images and i didnt think of checking another software because it didnt happen before. The screenshots show up fine in Photoshop and Windows Photo Viewer.