Highly Experienced Voice Actor - [PAID / INDIE RATES] remote recording in custom home studio!

**Hey there! I’m Kathryn, your full time voice actor available for remote work with indie game developers worldwide. I am offering negotiable reduced rates for the first 15 people to get in touch with me directly from this post. I have voiced numerous characters in A and AA video games, and have worked with studios of all sizes.

You can expect AAA grade performance and audio quality. I can even edit and master the audio, and you can live direct me in my home studio. Screw Covid19!

Skillset: Voice Actor**

  • British, female voice actor.
  • Age range: 15 - 50
  • Accents: British, Urban, General American, French, German, Russian.
  • Tone and Style: Husky, raspy, posh, formal, authorative, warm, friendly, conversational, dynamic.
  • Emotional range: I cover it all! Check out my character reel for examples.

In short, there’s a universe of characters, emotions, atmospheres and atmospheres I can help bring to your game to life!

Previous Work:

  • Netrisca - Serious Sam: Tormental - Croteam Incubator & Gungrounds
  • Lucretia Elunnirai - Warhammer: The Horus Heresy - Games Workshop & Everguild Ltd
  • Narrator - *Royal Alchemist - *Nifty Visuals
  • Narrator - *Xeno Crisis - *Bitmap Bureau
  • Katya - Kemono Mahjong - Cyberdog Software

Get in touch if you’d like my full CV, this is just a taster.


Feel free to explore my site and socials to hear more.


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Insta: @kathrynvinclaire
Discord: VoiceOverVinclaire#9244

Additional Information:

  • You can connect to my home studio to live direct me from anywhere in the world!
  • Available to travel to London, Bristol and other UK studios for recording.
  • Workdays: Mon to Fri


Serious replies only please.