Highlights from the Xbox and PlayStation E3 Briefings


It’s that time of year again! We’re here at E3 in Los Angeles for the annual tradeshow known as the Christmas of Video Games.

A slew of Unreal Engine developers have made announcements and shown off projects that excite us as players and inspire us as game developers. Read on for a recap of what we saw at the Microsoft and Sony media briefings.

It was fantastic to take in the first public Fable Legends]( gameplay demo. Lionhead Studios have done a fantastic job with the game’s lighting and art style, and both are truly beautiful from a technical and aesthetic standpoint.


From a gameplay perspective it’s fun to see how one player can take on the role of the villain by inciting chaos in top down view. The villain can throw all sorts of hurdles at other players, who work together as heroes to complete missions in traditional Fable third-person perspective. Anyone interested in the multiplayer beta coming this fall can sign up at

We’ve been privileged to integrate Lionhead’s light propagation volumes (LPV) dynamic GI solution into Unreal Engine 4, and Epic’s efforts improving LPV support continue.

Spotted in the ID@Xbox portion of the event were two awesome indie games powered by Unreal Engine 3. GRIN is developing Woolfe: The Redhood Diairies](Woolfe announced by XBOX at E3 « - Woolfe -), a seductive take on the classic fairytale with dark twists.


In contrast, comcept are fashioning Mighty No. 9](, a modern Japanese side-scroller packed with classic gameplay which channels Keiji Inafune’s contributions to Mega Man. Check out the latest dev blog update.

Platinum Games’ Hideo Kamiya took the stage to reveal Scalebound](, an Xbox One exclusive his team is developing with Unreal Engine 4. Our team at Epic Games Japan has been supporting Platinum on the project, and it’s awesome to see it in the spotlight!

Lastly, Dave Jones emceed the reveal of Crackdown](, which closed out the press conference. Cloudgineis using Unreal Engine 4 to build the sequel to the 2007 critically acclaimed Xbox 360 hit of the same name. The long-rumored Crackdown game is finally confirmed, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

One of the first games up in the PlayStation briefing was Dead Island 2](, which is being developed by the talented guys at YAGER and published by Deep Silver. While the trailer (which is money!!) is pre-rendered, the assets are straight out of Unreal Engine 4, and we hear that it won’t be too long before we’ll all get to see the game running in real time, in all its zombie-smashing glory.

A wonderful surprise came through the reveal of ABZÛ](, the new Unreal Engine 4 powered-game from Giant Squid, formed last year by Matt Nava, who art directed Journey and Flow. The game is published by 505 Games and scored by Austin Wintory, whose work on Journey earned a Grammy nod. Look at this stunning underwater game!

Two fantastic upcoming mega-hits published by Warner Bros ended the event with a bang. Developed by the incredible team at NetherRealm, who have built a rock solid foundation on top of Unreal Engine 3, Mortal Kombat X]( has us itching to FIGHT. The gameplay trailer is brutal and indulgent, and we are ready for the new-gen installment to the series.


Finally, we’re all huge fans of Rocksteady and their knack for achieving outstanding visual quality with Unreal Engine 3. Batman: Arkham Knight]( looks incredible! Check out the Game Informer cover story hub and the Batmobile Battle Mode reveal.

There’s a ton of news happening at E3 this week, and this update only covers Xbox One and PlayStation 4! We’ll have a round-up of all the Unreal Engine games we can find here at the show coming on Thursday. Stay tuned, and let us know if you have any additions here.

pre-E3 UE3 First Trailer of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – The Astronauts

the dead island 2 trailer is so awesome!

The sheer amount of titles showcased at this year’s E3 that are being developed with Unreal, is rather impressive to say the least. It certainly shows just how versatile the engine is, I guess!

Woot I work on Mortal Kombat!

It was awesome following twitter during E3 with all the MadeWithUnreal tags.