Highlight New Features

Maya has a cool way of highlighting new features… See screenshot. What would be cool is if UE4 had something similar. There could be a setting to turn it off once you know where things are…

Some new features can get lost in the maze of check boxes and drop downs.


This sound as a good idea to people that is new and want find the new features and other cases.

I’m not new and sometimes I can’t find stuff buried in a properties page…Would love something like this.


Would love to see this feature especially in builds with all the new toys like 4.13! Realistically though with all the core and VR stuff still in progress doubt something like this makes the radar for quite some time.

True… But, I don’t even see it listed in the issues… So, its not even being considered. <frowns> Basically, this suggestion didn’t even get to stage one.