Higher private message amount limit on the forums?

Hello guys,

do you think it would be possible to lift up the limit of private messages stored here on the forums per user? I have to keep deleting them, which makes the conversation history lost.

Thanks for considering, you are great anyway.

You can save all of the messages to a text file I believe, so that you can preserve the history even after it is deleted. There’s a link in the inbox page, near the bottom if I’m not mistaken.

is it possible yes, is it going to happen I doubt it (I asked a while ago), it has actually been raised once already and you can save them as SE_JonF said.

We download tens, maybe hundreds of GB of files for UE4 over the course of time, and the forum is restricted from saving a few bytes of private messages :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 Extra Message Space

Is the limit for legal reasons? Limited space might be meant as a disincentive for using the platform. For example, if Epic offered more space, teams might use it for project work. However, if people fell out, legal disputes might arise, and Epic’s mail system could be subpoenaed. With a limit, Epic can forgo the hassle. Either way, it would be nice to get the official word. Perhaps a moderator could merge / combine the below threads too…

Hey there, thanks for the suggestion. I talked to Chance about it because this has come up before and it turned out we were held up due to GDC and other things. He and I agree that it’s too small, so I just bumped it from 50 stored messages to 100.

We were concerned originally with server space, but the online team assured me that we have the space to accommodate 100, it’s just that 50 is the default.

Double the pleasure, double the fun.

Cool, thanks for listening!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Awesome, glad to see it increased. Thanks. Next stop, avatars perhaps? =P

Sounds good to me. :slight_smile: