Higher frame rate

Good day everyone!

Anyone knows how to get a higher frame rate like 30-40fps?
I’m trying to get a higher frame rate in Unreal Engine using/viewed in oculus. But the current FPS is only 10.

Thank you in advance! :smiley:

what is your machine Specs?

Depending on the game content, You need a pretty decent rig and graphics card to get good fps.

Read the Oculus docs on the subject, they mention minimum specs:

Hello Yeeen,

There a number of things that factor into improving your frame rate.

1.) Your systems specs.
2.) Types of lighting in your scene. Baked will always perform better than real time calculation.
3.) If you have any dynamic objects in your scene. The more real time calculations occur in your scene the more fps you will lose.
4.) Whether or not you have a post processing volume in your scene and it’s calculations.

I highly recommend looking into your documentation on optimization. There are number of different areas that it covers. This one is on lighting. There are some in each section such as particles and the like but this should get you started.

thanks a lot! i will try to my scene in unreal engine! :slight_smile:

12g ram
i7 processor
GeForce GTX 745