High Speed Platform affecting Player Movement

So what I am trying to make is a fast moving platform in which the player must land on it at the right time and then jump off but the speed of the platform affects the movement of the player so greatly that the player gets dragged along with the platform itself. I have been messing around with Physics Linear Velocity but I am not fully understanding the math and logic of getting the player character to have full movement capabilities without being hindered by the velocity of the platform.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated

I’m not sure how it’s called but I think its physic material. You can set there the friction and bounciness to 0 and change something else in setting(which name I dont remember) from average to minimum. Then apply this material to mesh and it should be done.

So I made the physics material and set the friction and restitution to 0 and put everything on minimum

I then applied the physics material to my character blueprint and set it up in the physics material overide

but when i tested it out, nothing had changed