High score system

I am creating an endless runner game, the player will pick up pebbles that add 1 to a total score shown on the HUD which is then reset when the player dies, this is what i have implemented so far, however i would like to have a high score system were the best score is shown on the in game HUD, however i have no idea how to do this. I have tried several tutorials that show how to make save games however these haven’t helped.

Any help would be appreciated thank you.


Have you looked at the official tutorial, it’s pretty straight forward:

Here is a video tutorial as well that may help you:

Check out my Learning templates , if I remember well , 2D Infinite Runner or Memory Game Templates may help you to see clear !

Hi where would these templates be located? thanks

Look at the links under his comment :slight_smile:

ah right thanks my bad thought they were links yet to be placed.

Hi I have followed your advice that you posted on the high score thread bu have met with some difficulty, i have created the save game and however i am struggling with inserting this into a readable format on the in game HUD. I have tried following the 2D infinite runner template you gave me however in the image provided i have no option in my game to Set Text (Text Box)

Thanks in advance.