High-Rise Flat - Interactive Walkthrough, Day and Night scene with Download link

Hi guys,

Here is an apartment we just finished for a client.

Interactive Walkthrough Video
Download link in the comments if you want to test.


Any feedback is welcomed.

Very cool guys. Downloading the demo right now. Keep up the great work!

Wow, super hi-quality work.

Archviz are usually unsatisfying because they show too much kitchen and not enough ‘outside’ view.
But the city-lights night-time billboard is fantastic. Love to see the day-time billboard view now…
Hell, I’ll think I’ll stop writing, just tell me where can I buy this apartment :stuck_out_tongue:

I tested the demo and I think it will need optimization guys. I’m getting around 22 fps in the day scene and only 15 fps in the night scene. I have a GTX 980 sc 4gb. It’s pretty much ‘‘unplayable’’. I wonder what could be such a performance hit tho since it’s a relatively small scene!!!

I also have 1 little suggestion, the skybox texture and the carpet texture are a bit low-res for my taste. The rest of the scene is super good ! thumbs up. I’d also buy that apartment any day haha!

Can you give us an estimate of the time spent on the project?

Yes we need to work a lot on optimization. Although, 22 fps is weird. We have GTX 970 and works perfectly. Maybe this is because you turned on too many of the light bulbs at the TV area.

One quick tip for that would be type r.setres 1280x720w as a console commond and it will run smoothly in viewport.

Very nice. It all looks so natural.

Mind sharing where you got your textures. :slight_smile: Did you make them yourself or get them from a site like game textures?

We did the textures ourselves, from images on google.

great job!