High Resolution Screenshot issue

Hi, i have an issue with the “high resolution screenshot”,
when i take a screenshot some static mesh disappears:


Sorry to see you’re having trouble with this! Does this only happen to a specific static mesh, or are you seeing this across multiple assets?

I came across something similar awhile back, but have yet been able to replicate the issue. That being said, try forcing that particular static mesh’s LOD to 1 instead of 0-this worked for me!

Hope this helps!

The default “Screen Size” was 0 and changed to 1 and it’s worked! Thanks for the help!

Very happy to see that this worked for you, DCW_ArtZ! Time to create more awesome shots, and I look forward to seeing them! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys setting the LOD from 0 to 1 solved my issue. Thank you guys very much!! I was dealing with this issue for just about a week! Thanks again!