High Resolution Screenshot DOF Bug

When you set GausianDOF and not set Focal Distance but change other parameters like Near Blur and Far Blur and near transition then cause a Image bug and the the effect is only in a small part of the screenshot.

*Happen too with Temporal AA enabled.


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Could you provide me with a screenshot of your Post Process Volume settings for Depth of Field, so I can accurately reproduce this issue on my end in a blank project?

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Just add a postprocess volume and enable DOF with the settings you want as i said and enable Temporal AA. Then take a screenshot

I just tested this issue on my end and did not get the same results. This is why I requested a screenshot of the values you entered.

Here you go https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28070491/UE/Forums/2016-03-11_17-54-01.png (But with this is fixed try to enable the Temporal AA in bottom and take an screenshot)

I just tested this on my end and am not seeing the same thing you reporting. I would make sure your graphics driver is up to date, as the HighResShot uses the GPU to process and generate the image.

Yeah all is up to date, I see you guys got more bugs reports of this style but no one in Epic can find the bug, I will keep looking to give a clear report.

Yeah the HighResShot console command can be a bit finicky, especially if you are using high multipliers and odd resolutions. Thanks for your patience and assistance.