High-Resolution Earth & Satellite

Hey all, I don’t think I’ve shared the full-resolution versions of these before, so have some beauty shots!

A little history. Last year my company was working on a game designed to be fitted as an installation at a space science center, but the center was never opened so the project has been gathering dust on our perforce server. We’re only a small team of three people, and I personally covered all things modelling and art based on the project - later moving on to help with programming. We’ve since adapted a mobile-version of the game (currently in open alpha), and naturally I had to scale the quality of the assets down by a huge amount.

I opened the project up this morning to get some beauty shots for our website redesign, and forgot how much love and time I put into these assets. Figured I’d share some screenshots with y’all but they really don’t do the stuff justice. I’d quite like to release a packaged version of this at some point so people can see it up close.


  • Atmosphere Light Scattering
  • Aurora Borealis
  • 65K Pixel Resolution
  • Seamless!
  • 3.7GB Texture Memory Required!
  • Reprojected from NASA Data
  • Thuderstorms / Surface Weather
  • Light Scattering & Cloud Shadows done in surface material (no translucent layers)
  • 96 Albedo (RGBA), 24 Night-Lights, 24 Cloud Tiles, 24 Normal Maps, 3 LUTs, 8 Tiling Detail Textures (All 4K in Size)
  • 98 Individual Mesh Pieces


  • 9x 4K Textures (Alb, Nrm, Rfl) + 1x Emissive Mask
  • Black-Body temperature simulation done on the main engine (animated in-game)
  • Working RCS thrusters
  • Fully Animated & Rigged
  • 30,274 Tris


  • Built to fit snugly inside hardware performance budget
  • Modelled after real items
  • Shared Texture Atlas

That looks absolutely sick man! Would be amazing to view it through a Vive/oculus,

Seems incredible to let this work die off…
Maybe other projects could benefit from it.

That looks really great :wink: