High-Res texture-pack for UE4

Hi there,

I’m currently working on a texturepack for Unreal Engine 4.

In this thread I will post WIP -pictures every now and then to keep you updated.

For now I have three brick-, two stonefloor-, and several earth/ground- textures.

I take my own photographs, create seamless diffuse-textures by hand, paint heightmap by hand,
create the normalmap via tool, and final tweaking with photoshop.
In UnrealEngine4 I use DX11-tessellation with heightmap-based displacement to really bring out the detail.

Most textures are 4096px or 2048px and each texture will have it’s propper height- and normalmap included.

Here are a few pictures, what do you think so far?
I’m very confused by this attachement system btw.


Cool! The grass one looks really nice, I’m trying to recreate something like this for ages and meanwhile i got pretty close to it, but yours is still better :smiley:
Nice work, really really nice!

I wanted to give mine away for free, guess yours will be in the marketplace by then?

Yeah, that grass material actually came out REALLY swell! Love it! Well done!!!

Thanks for the replies!

Recently I read more about those metallic-, specularity- and roughness-channels and I think now I have a better understanding of how these maps work individually.

Here’s an updated version of a cobblestone floortexture, 2048px.
There are multipliers to boost the individual maps. A metallic map is also included but set nearly to zero, so one can increase and make it look wet quickly.


Ok folks, here’s a new update.

I took a few photos and made half a dozen new rock textures, one is 4096px, the others are 2048px.

There are diffuse-, height-, normal-, and roughness -maps creating two different versions of each material:
One using a simple bumpoffset, and another one with world displacement /tessellation for more detail.

I made a quick test-terrain with UnrealEditor to show how the textures might look ingame so far.
Most shots show the bumpoffset material on terrain though, nevertheless there are two pictures showing world displacement also.


where can I get this