High res still image output?


As with typical rendering programs you can create an image size for a final rendering. For example, 3600x2400 pixels. How do you, in UE4, render or save high quality large images for print?



There is actually a doc that covers all of this which I will link below. Let us know if you have any more questions.


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In my experience, the best way to get a render is from within a standalone game. The editor screenshot tools has always given me problems with terrible artifacts on reflections, specularity, and Temporal AA. Even inside the game, HighResShot (old TiledShot?) never works properly. What I do is set up my camera for the game (or have a flyable one), have the post process settings use a screen percentage of something like 130, and then manually set the resolution of the game itself once you are positioned properly. So you would do a console command of “setres 3600x2400” and then the game would be rendering at an amazing resolution with no guesswork. Then the console command “shot” will spit out a great image. Of course, make sure your graphics card can handle the resolution, and be prepared for low framerates.

Humm I have never had any issues with this tool but if you are having issues getting good screenshots from it please file a ticket on Answer HUD so that it can get looked into. The HRST is a very powerful tool and I would hate for people to not be able to use it or have to go through some complexe setup solution just to take a screen shot as the HRST is not working the way it should.

I found that HRST always gives me a difference in bloom intensity, light shafts, lens flares etc. when compared to what I have in the viewport. In other words it never gives me a one-to-one result.

I also get much better results with StephaBon’s method. High res screen shot are too much aliased.

I do the standalone method too, except I use a screencapture software like Dxtory to take a shot when I’m at my desired resolution. Highest I’ve done so far is 5760x3240

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HRST has some problems with post process stuff… Bloom, lens flares, depth of field, they all need scale readjustments to higher values to look like the original 1:1 image. SSR and refraction also have some issues.
Temporal AA won’t work very well with it, It’s better to use FXAA and you’ll still get some aliasing. I always scale down my HRST images in Photoshop later, so I can get rid of the aliasing and have very detailed images.

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If you are using the exr option in the HRST, and render out all the layers, can’t you discard the layers that are giving you issues? DOF is something that can be done in Photoshop, as well as lens flares and many others. And if you are making an image, it doesn’t have to match the realtime output for your purposes, does it?