High res screenshots during runtime

Hi and sorry if this thread is in the wrong section, I just didn’t know where the best place would be for this topic.

I’m currently an intern making a video game using UE4 in a VFX/Film studio which uses 3Ds Max exclusively so far. Now my boss has seen some footage of real time rendered photorealistic scenes in UE4. This sparked in him the idea to build the evironments in UE, export them frame by frame using different channels (RGB, Normal, height) and use these toghether with max to save on rendering time per frame.
So thats the idea.

My idea to tackle this was to take high res screenshots of every frame of a matinee in different view modes.
Now my problems are the following:

I do not know how to take high res screenshots during runtime which would be optimal.
EDIT: I now do know how it should work using the execute console command note, but now I don’t know why it doesn’t work.
I do not know how to change the view mode for the runtime or during runtime.

Would love to get some help with this and some thoughts on UE4 for movies.

Thanks a lot

Found a solution.

I think I might have found a much easier solution than I thought I would find.

I’ve heard from a friend of mine who works at Epic in the blueprint department that there is supposed to be a plugin to enable taking HighResShots in exr format via console which I didn’t find and couldn’t find any documentation about.

I’ve read about altering the code but even if I did that I would still not know how to make the engine take screenshots in the right format.

As someone told me it would work that way I tried getting into the sequencer but…stopped, because

Now after 2 days of research I found the simplest solution. In the Matinee. Clicking on the Movie icon in the top right corner you can choose “Custom Render Passes”. Now a bit further down in the options you can check the box for “HDR” which will produce EXRs for every frame. You can add all the tracks you want or need in another drop down menu.

I must say I feel a bit dumb, posting in years old threads and questions in the forum and the answer hub to find the sultion to be that simple.

The console command “ke * rendertextures” should actually work.
make sure you have the screenshot dialog open in the backgroudn though…

Haven’t thought about simply leaving it open, thank you very much! I think, however, that the matinee movie is the best solution for me.

Nonetheless, thanks a lot!