High Quality Traffic Lights, Street Lights, City Accessorys

Hey Guys,
Now avaiable!

The Design was inspired by “The Divison” New York like traffic lights…
The pack conatains a pattern for the banners, so you can chnage them to any advertising or picture you like.



Does this have emissive textures for the lights and cross walk signals?

They are looking very nice! :slight_smile:


Actually no, but i think i will fix or let’s say add the emissive feature right now, so thanks for the tip

Bro, you are after my very own heart aren’t you???

I will buy this isntantly, INSTANTLY

Looking forward to it keep up the good work.

1+ You’ve got my vote :slight_smile:

Normally I wouldn’t buy such assets but I’ll buy anything which supports Substances as they are a freat learning resource + provide great flexibility which can be used elsewhere outside of just the assets provided, hence why I purchased your previous pack.

As mentioned on your other thread: Street barriers with fully changeable textures "SUBSTANCE" - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

I would wholeheartedly buy every Substance pack you create if you were to go down this path of distribution for future releases :smiley:

Thanky you all very much for the feedback!

Maybe :cool:

I have a few more coming soon but the preperation takes always quit a long time… setting up a level, the materials etc… lod’s etc…

I will post today or tomorrow the new pictures with emissive textures for the traffic light lamps…

These are great. What’s the asking price? :slight_smile:

was talking purely about substance textures, with no props attached to it

Ah ok, yes i also have created a lot of substance materials mainly fot my own project. I’m not sure if there is any sence to put them on the marketplace since there are so many materials online.
It would be interesing to know which kind of materials are needed, wood ? concrete ? etc…

I was thinking more of, crate and barrel textures, since there are none. I’m unsure if you do need to craft an OBJ for the crates, since the build of them can vary

Maybe make a new thread just asking for texture input

I think i will open a new thread about that, thats a good idea.

@MeshMagnet, I was not sure about the price cause it took like forever to create models, bake the normals from the HP etc… But i have still the opinion that it makes no sense to offer here high priced stuff.
I also use them for personal projects so they are not only created for the marketpace, so the price will be 29 USD for the whole pack.

Now avaiable!

Will you support 4.13?