High-Quality Textures Needed!

Hello reader,

I am currently building an environment within Unreal Engine 4 and am in desperate need for some high-quality textures. The game, which is horror, has a very bleak, wood-based look to it given it’s setting is an old house. At this stage, I am unsure as to whether or not I am going forth with the project, but after finishing off the environment, I’ll be sure to know.

I am doing all the modelling myself within Blender, but am inexperienced in the field of making textures from scratch. It would be incredibly helpful if you have any high-quality textures that haven’t been used in anything previously, or you are happy with me using within my environment - If you are willing to be really helpful, you could make the textures from scratch for the purpose of my environment - Not that it is compulsory!

Below is a list of textures I am in search of:

Dark and rustic wood grain x3
Dark and rustic wooden boards x3
Old fabrics x2
A variety of other aged and dirty textures.

If you are interested in helping out, contact me at the below -

Thank you very much for reading,
Kai :wink: