High Poly Models in UE4

Hi. I do not understand what’s all about materials and low poly solution.
I spitted on peasant fake materials wannabies and need some Real…
High Polygonal Models for MA games.
I wanna use 100,000K polygonal models for every character in da game.
Is it possible huh? Is it? Is it huh?

Nope, just put these HP models on every character and check your FPS, then you will understand :smiley:
The more polys, the more power it requires to compute. That’s why retopologizing 3d models to low poly is still neccesary for games. Then faking details with normal maps, etc…
You can use High/Mid poly character for your main character, or some other important/close-to-camera/often-displayed stuff. But if you make every character high poly, then your game will become a slideshow.