high poly meshes and perfomance?


I’m new to game development.

Unreal seems to be able to import high poly mesh, and when I excute preview game screen it works without problem.
But I assume that using high poly mesh in the game might slow other people(players)'s computer down.

Do you guys use subdivided mesh as it is? Or do you usually bake normal maps so everything is low poly?

I’m asking this question because sculpt->retopo->baking is a lot of work. If I can avoid it I want to avoid.

While polycount as such is generally less of a concern nowadays, you should still optimize models for use in engines. It might be okay to boxmodel some highpoly stuff with lots of details, but meshes with very dense surfaces/high subdivisions as most sculpting models should be retopologized.

It always depends on your game -> e.g when you just want to create a small level, you can use the high poly meshes
I personally always bake the normal map from the high poly mesh + reduce the tri count -> it still looks good + a good performance :slight_smile: