High Poly-Count models?

Thank you that’s what I figured.
So I guess the pro-optimizer modifier from 3ds max and the blender decimate modifier are tools that do the same thing that zremesher does.

By the way can I use the following technique for use with ue4?3d Max Displace Mesh Modifier - YouTube it basically does is to create a displacement, normal and bump map inside 3dsmax and then use the prooptimizier to reduce the polygons.
All the other techniques that I have seen talks about creating a high and a low poly mesh; create a normal and other maps and bake them to the low poly mesh. As a beginner I can’t understand what are the disavantages of the technique I linked (that doesn’t use the low poly mesh nor baking)?

Absolutely not, they are designed to do different stuff

  • Decimate Master from Zbrush, Decimate modifier from Blender and Optimizer from 3dsMax are designed to reduce polycount, while maintaining the silhouette as much as possible. Mesh will be triangulated and there is no general rules for optimizers other than “save the form of mesh”. You can use this method on rocks or similiar objects, which don’t have some clearly defined “lines” or “curves”. For example, you don’t want to use this method on swords, or round object or anything defined.
    Some obvious stuff for us - not obvious for this tool, that’s why you should retopo object like this by hand:

  • ZRemesher is designed to reduce polycount, while creating completely new clean grid with nice edge flow. It does not even try to keep details, but keep “general” form of your object. After this process you can project details back from old mesh to the one and viola - nice mesh and old details!
    However, I can recommend to use ZRemesher only for organic models or “medium” poly models(Not for games, but for movies, videos and etc).
    Here is example of ZRemesher work

My advice - make retopo by hand. At the beginning, at least.
You need some practice to understand how and when to use tools like ZRemesher and Decimate master properly, to realize what is bad, what is good and why.

Thank you it’s much clearer now; just one doubt why zremesher is good for organic models for movies and videos but not games? Just because of animation problems or am I missing something else?

Organic models for games too! I was referring to other objects, not organic

ok that’s great thanks