High physical memory usage in editor when a blueprint is open

So a few numbers before we start off:

If I leave Unreal editor idle on an empty project with an empty blueprint open it doesn’t really use more than 350-450MB ram. If I open my personal project leave it open idled on the editor it doesn’t use more than 600-800MB even after 3+ hours of idle. If I run my project in a standalone player and go to what I deem the most resource heavy action (the combat state) and mess around with it, the memory for the standalone player doesn’t really surpass 400-500MB

The issue comes if I have any individual blueprints open. It seems pretty specific to my combat blueprint, first-person character blueprint, and for some reason my UI widget. If I idle on my UI widget it will reach 3.5/4.5 GB of ram usage after a few hours and I can’t figure out how to resolve this issue. I don’t really understand why/how the memory usage goes up to such numbers. It goes up regardless if I’m modifying the blueprint or not, or if I’m constantly running my game, just simply sitting idle with the blueprint as the active window is enough to make it skyrocket (after some time).

I am using currently using 4.10.4