High-Performance Decal System (100,000 Decals at 60 FPS!)


Just thought I’d amuse you this Sunday with this video of 100,000 decals being stamped at 60 FPS!

No Decal actors are used here. All decals are texture/material driven in mesh-space or world/local space. Works even for skeletal meshes!

This was achieved using DoN’s Mesh Painting System which also features “paint blob collisions” for Portals, projectiles that shoot through walls, paintable A.I. traps and more.

You can learn more about the main system on the marketplace thread which has a full list of features (and amusing GIFs :D)

Of course, feel free to ask any Decal specific questions (or anything else!) over here too :slight_smile:

  • Venu

Are these decals just textures, or can they be materials as well? It would be nice to know if these support PBR like roughness, and metalness.

Absolutely! Any material feature your material supports, even opacity masks, WPO, etc, are supported.

Eg: Impact holes with decal shape:

Here’s the material used for this:

So just use the alpha channel of the relevant Don Paint node to drive any material effect you like.

Custom collision support is also provided :) So not just for visuals, but gameplay too:

Collision works best *without* decals though.

For those who'd like a quick rundown of features, [this video]( has a walkthrough with narration.

PS: Fog-Of-War system made with a single node, using this system:


Can this be used on a mobile device?

For landscapes and planar surfaces (floors/walls) there should be no issues. For characters, performance could be an issue for mobile. Skeletal meshes need a heavy “positions texture” workflow for painting (with added complexity for decals).

Not having tested on mobile I can’t yet confirm support for it…

From a rendering standpoint there should be no problem. The decals are just a texture sampled inside your material (RGB: Decal Diffuse, A: Decal Mask).