High Level Scripting - UnrealScript Gone?

(Disclaimer: I have extensive Unity engine development experience, but so far have very little UDK experience.)

I was quite surprised to see UnrealScript sail off into the horizon. Can anyone illuminate reasoning behind dropping it?

I suspect that, between newer flavours of the C++ language and the addition of BluePrint, UnrealScript was deemed redundant? Still, a big plus of Unity for me has been the use of C# for gameplay scripting. Garbage collection and the availability of functional language constructs mean getting down to business is faster than in C++.

I do not know much at all about BluePrint yet. I only know that, so far, visual scripting tools have left me wanting.

So, how does the C++/BluePrint combo tackle non-trivial high level scripting? :slight_smile:

Blueprint is essentialy replacment for UnrealScript. If there is something that you could have done in US and can’t do it in blueprint, you better report it, so it can be improved ;).

You can make entire game in Blueprint, though as far as I’m concenred preffered workflow is as:

  1. Create basic classes with support function in C++.
  2. Extend those classes in blueprint to create actuall game mechsnics.
  3. Offset to C++ all more complex tasks, or tasks that simply make blueprint look obfuscated and hard to read. Some thing can be more easily achived in C++ than in blueprint.

There is garbage collection in C++ for unreal. Though manual object destruction is possible, and sometimes proffered. But if you forget to destroy something don’t panic. GC will take care of it.

If you haven’t already, I recommend watching the following talk by long time Unreal engine user, Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong. It is long, but well worth the insights into the Blueprint system.

Thanks folks! That helps a bunch. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit of a shame really, I’ve spent 6 years working with Unrealscript but have never learned C++ or any low-level language, so all the shiny new coding features and workflow of UE4 are totally redundant for me until I can pick up the language lol.

That video is excellent, nice find!

Blueprint is basically raw C++ or C# visual coding. If I am correct I use Uscript which is a Unity plugin and very similar to blueprint, SO when using it you will learn a lot. With them including C++ scripting for UT4 is a life changer and you can do hell of a lot with it now :smiley: