High fps rate


im quite new to ue4 so thats may be a dumb question.
Im building a huge Terrain which isnt for realtime rendering. I got huge perfomance hits because of tersselation etc… So i dont want to use Real time rendering.
I want to render out a Animation sequence.
Will it render my Animation still fast and without fps drops ?
If yes how can I do that?
I think in the Kite Demo they also dont used real time rendering for the Animation.



You can use Matinee/Sequencer to record to a video and it will maintain whatever resolution and framerate you set to record–it will take as much time to do each frame as is necessary.

The Kite Demo was rendered in real-time on a GTX Titan X

Thank you very much!

How much would it have take to render the Kite Demo in Matinee/Sequencer ?
I just want to know how long that usally takes. I hope not that long as i would render in 3Ds Max for example.

100% hardware dependent

High end PC with GTX 1080 and 6 core i7 for example. I just want to know if it renders a few hours or even days. Just wanna know a average
So does UE4 renders fast with Matinee/Sequencer because it is a Real-Time application or does this not matter `?

Since it’s designed for real-time applications, it’s very fast. When it’s saving a video it takes more time to actually save the frame to an image file than it does to render the frame, so it would be < 1 second most likely per frame.
If you want higher quality you can also render to a higher resolution and then scale it down to improve anti-aliasing.

Thank you. Appreciate your help.