High Fantasy Music Library Kingdom of Light w/ 2 bonus cues! Ogre Like Big Stick & High Elves Theme

Hello all!

I just updated my Kingdom of Light Premium Edition music library with another bonus cue, ‘Ogre Like Big Stick’. The premise of this bonus cue is an ogre finds a big stick and discovers how useful it is in destroying everything around him as he clumsily walks around. Also, listen to ‘High Elves Theme’, (another bonus cue) it’s a very cinematic Tolkien feel as is the rest of this musical suite KoL. The KoL Premium Edition includes music for multiple type of scenarios from epic battles, taverns, exploration and more. Thanks for checking it out!

Link here: Content Search - UE Marketplace

Also, I’m available for custom music for those needing a unique soundtrack for your video game or multimedia project. You can hear my music on games such as AQ3D, A Story Besides, and more.
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