High end pc need for end-users?

Hi all,

UE4 require GTX grade card to create a game.

**1. After you create the game and depoly to end-users, do they need to have GTX grade pc to run games powered by UE4?
Do end-users need high-end android or iphone to run the game?

Thanks in advance

There is a list of mobile devices that run or are supposed to run UE4 applications somewhere in the documentation. As to the GPU, any card that supports DX11 should be fine, but the performance depends on the card of course.

A big factor involved is will the game be MP or single player. because then servers can play a hand also in the performance. Also on that note how well the game performance is set up. A game could have Minecraft like quality and another game could have 3 Million Poly’s on one scene, etc. So its a factor of hardware and how well the game was structured. Like jacky said above it has DX 11 it should be fine. But your game needs to have good performance measures taken into account as well.

just curious, would this go for direct x 12 as well, because isnt it only the gtx 500 series and above that supports it?

DX12 will support 400 series as well as far as i know.(and Windows 7 too)

Every nVidia GPU that supports DX 11 will support DX 12 when it is released. The 400 and 500 series are the same Fermi architecture.

Rether DX12 runs on gpu with SM5.0. Also engine requires atleast SM4.0 GPU (DX10), but some effects wont work and ofcorse telessation. Games optimized for mobile will run quite fast on low end pc