High-Elf Fantasy Architecture

NOW AVAILABLE HERE:…y-architecture

To celebrate this, here’s a 11 pictures, 1440p album where you can see everything that you need:

**Official description: **

The High-Elf Architecture pack contains everything you need to focus on the beloved style of the majestic Elves. The package includes architectural modules for interior/exterior environment, plus goodies like furniture, vertex-paintable materials, and canvases for 3D artists who wishes to create their own modules.

Within this set, you have 248 distinct meshes, of which:
21 are dedicated for roofing;
13 are for interior cathedral ceiling;
27 are for creating towers;
48 are optimised, low-poly with texture modules for dynamic lighting;
25 are wall modules;
6 for side-roofing in stone;
8 fillers for patching when necessary;
15 are furniture assets;
4 bonus canvases which were created to build the modules – particularly useful for those who understand the basics of 3D modelling who wish to create their own modules.
And much more, including ornaments and various decorations!

There are 13 materials and 21 material instances, with a few being highly customisable:
Roof tiles’ color and moss can be entirely customised.
Moss effects on the ground and walls can be edited to give noisy shapes and used baked occlusion as a linear interpolation. Intensity can also be customised!
Vertex paint enabled on walls, roofs and grounds.

Three maps are also provided in the pack:
One has baked lighting and is used as the main showcase level. It contains everything you would expect from the pack, dedicated to static lighting.
One has dynamic lighting with the 48 low-poly modules.
And of course, there’s one overview map which contains every module from the pack.

On top of everything mentioned here, there is a total of 100 textures, which range from Albedo, Normals, RMA, Height and Displacement.

Technical Details:

  • One demonstration map made of 4 different buildings with 2 variants (6 buildings in total) in a baked lighting setup.
  • One demonstration map of one building built with unique, optimised meshes for dynamic lighting.
  • One overview map of every modules and assets from the pack.

Texture Sizes:

  • 22 - 4096x4096
  • 55 - 2048x2048
  • 13 - 1024x1024
  • 1 - 2048x512
  • 4 - 2048x512
  • 5 - 16x16

Collision: Yes, mostly custom, some automatically generated.
Polygon (Triangle) Count: Two meshes over 100k, otherwise below 70k (9 between 70 and 50k, 22 between 50 and 30k, 16 between 30 and 20k, 21 between 20 and 10k, 170 below 10k)
LODs: Yes, automatically generated.
Number of Meshes: 244, from which 48 are low-poly versions made for RT rendering.
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 14 Materials, 22 instances.
**Number of Textures: **100
Supported Development Platforms: PC, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4.
Documentation: None, Youtube playlist to be added on a later date.
Important/Additional Notes: Not optimised for VR. Require instancing and additional aggressive optimisation if VR is the objective.

Let me know if you wish to see specific areas or assets. I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have about the pack. The release price will be US$74,99.

You can access the archived pictures here:

June 14th 2018:

[SPOILER]So a lot of stuff has been done in the past three weeks. The reason I didn’t update sooner was that it was mostly behind-the-scene stuff: Collisions, UVs for Lightmaps, LoDs, Shaders, Moss version of tillable wood textures, etc.

But there’s a lot of new assets too: 15 furniture assets.

Tables of all kind, chairs, cabinets, libraries… Plus, they were built just like everything else, so if you want to create your own assets, you’re free to do so!

Most shaders now allow you to use baked occlusion as a height map for Moss painting. This mean that you just have to bake your scene and the moss can be applied automatically, with nothing else required on your end, so long as you activate the baked AO in your world settings.

Some optimisation stats:

• The largest mesh, in terms of triangles, is 124 672 when using LoD0. The mesh measures 8x8x12m - it’s one of the meshes used for the very large cathedral roof, in case you wish to create an intersection.
• Only two meshes are beyond the 100k triangles treshold, the other being the half-circle platform with fence meshes over it.
• Every other meshes (244 meshes total) are below 70k.
• Of those meshes, 9 are between 70k and 50k;
• 22 are between 50k and 30k;
• 16 are between 30k and 20k;
• 21 are between 20k and 10k;
• 174 are below 10k;
• There are 48 low-poly models that are duplicates from the original pack, with a unique trim sheet, which are all obviously below 10k triangles per assets. They do not use LoDs, but could easily be optimised further if no vertex paint is used.
• In the demonstration scene, with no instancing and culling, there’s roughly 5m triangles on screen when looking at the overall scene. Obviously, a well optimised scene could easily move to 2m triangles.
• When inside buildings, the polycount target moves between 800k and 2m.
• There’s roughly 5.5k draw calls, which can also be optimised through instancing.
• There’s 5.5k assets within the demonstration scene. That’s a lot of modules, hence why instanciation is important when building with modular pieces!
• With that said, with 5.5k assets, the overall memory used is 920mb. That leaves a lot of room for characters and other architectural/environment assets on somewhat modern rigs.
• There are 14 materials and 20 material instances.
• There are 100 textures.
• The pack weight roughly 3.6gb.
• On my rig, lighting takes about 18 hours to bake on Production settings, with Occlusion activated, 100 indirect lighting bounces, 0,5 static light scale and 2 indirect lighting quality. Preview takes 2 hours.

This is by far the largest pack I’ve worked on. There are just so many things to think and tinker with, but in the end I’m very happy with the results. I just wish I had more time to develop it even more, but at some point there comes a time where things needs to move on.

I’m sending the pack to Epic next week, once the final baking has been done. I’ll keep you all up to date during that process![/SPOILER]

May 24th 2018**: Old album available here:

[SPOILER]So I’ve had a lot of fun these past few weeks! I’ve been making a second version of the set which is highly optimised (while also allowing a moderate amount of polygons for vertex-paint). I’ve made a tillable version of the stones used throughout the project and I’ve also adjusted the mesh models to fit individually. It’s not lego-like, it’s more blockish.

So far, you can recreate pretty much everything you would with the original pack, except a few things like the towers or the newly added 45 degrees roof tiles. But obviously, that’ll be fixed soon enough.

Speaking of roof tiles, the system to allow color customisation is finished.

So roughly, you’ve got two set of colors. The first one are for the regular tile color - the second one, for the vertex paint. This means that while I gave it a green-ish hue for the showcase, you could have a darker one for dirt rather than moss. And of course, you can give it the color you want, so no stress on that side!

And as I’ve stated before, I’ve also added new 45 degree tiles, so you can more easily stack them and have a 2x2x2 tile for placement. It’s much less of a hassle versus the regular tiles, which have a 56,3 degree slope, or basically 1mx2mx1,5m.

Now, I’ve also added a new material instance setting to allow the precomputed AO (the one you need to manually allow in the engine in the lightmass settings) to be used in the shader height-lerp, which means that the map can be extremely useful for moss or dirt that tend to get stuck in corners, as you can see on the last picture.[/SPOILER]

**Original Post - **Pictures available here:

[SPOILER]Good day everyone,

I’ve been working on a new Architecture pack for the past month and a half. In the same style as the other packs I’ve worked on this last couple of years, I’m aiming at creating high-quality visual assets for fantasy architecture. This time, it’s all about High-Elves.

Majestic, Distinguished, Ornamented and Verticality were key words used in the research phase. And of course, there’s a lot of inspiration out there about what define a high-elf, so it wasn’t too hard to come with ideas for the architecture.

With that said, here’s a look at where the pack stands visually, the Showroom, materials and current optimisation.

As you can see, the modules are made with a “Lego” logic. This adds a lot of modularity to the pack as you can even use individual blocs to create custom pieces within the engine. There’s also a few 45 degree modules, if you need to make a building with both straight and 45 degree rooms.

On top of that, almost every materials are made with exposed values. This means that you can tweak and polish each materials used in the scene to your needs - Plus, since the pack allows extensive uses of vertex paint, you can even change the shape of the height lerp through procedural noise generation. In other words, it’s easier to hide tillable meshes without having to deal with decals.

As of right now, I’ve done a basic pass in term of optimisation. So far, polygons are moderate and around 600k~1m when inside a building. When doing a full overview of the scene, it’s around 4m. The scene is obviously open and pretty much all meshes are exposed. It’s not a good indication of the actual polycount inside an optimized scene – nor are the overall Draw Calls, since there’s no instantiation whatsoever. It’s the main culprit in performances drop right now, so I expect instantiated modules to be much more efficient. Inside buildings, my FPS goes up and stay stabilized at 120. When overviewing the scene altogether, it drops to 60. The scene also uses baked lighting, which explains the overall texture memory pool used. For the record, I use a 1080 TI at 1440p.

If you have any requests, comments, questions, it all happen here. I’ll gladly answer you![/SPOILER]