High Detail - No mesh, only point cloud generated


This may be a silly question but i can’t seem to find an answer. 


After generating a High Detail model under the reconstruction tab, I’m left with a point cloud, not a mesh.

Normal detail works absolutely fine - It generates a mesh, then i texture it. The finished output looks as you’d expect.

Using High detail though, it generates what looks like a mesh on first glance (white, no textures). Then I zoom in and realise it’s just a dense point cloud. The same happens after texturing it… Just a point cloud.

Version is

No settings have been changed.


This is a close up of what i’m looking at after running high detail and texturing.


Any help would be great!



If the model is too high count for your graphics card it will limit you to just viewing it as a point cloud. On my setup for instance anything over 40M tris it will tell me it can’t render the meshed model.

You either reduce the geometry down below that threshold. Or use the clip tool to only view a smaller porition at a time, it will then be able to handle rendering your view as a textured mesh.

Hope that helps.

That makes perfect sense, thanks!

Sounds like a good feature, I wish I’d realised that’s what it was doing before I spent time running different models through haha.

that is right, it is explained in this help tutorial:RealityCapture Help Real-time Scene Renderer