High CPU/GPU post usage [temporary fixes until next update]

Hello and HUGE thanks to epic for giving us that dream engine.

I am well aware that it is very early stage of its life and that there is a lot of room for optimization.

My rig is a meh… decent 3x1080pmonitors, two GTX570 , i5 2500@4.5 ghz and 8GB ram.

BUT when in engine the CPU is 50% to 90% and the GPU’s are at least at 50% load even with LOW material quality.

And even with realtime rendering turned off the they are still getting pushed. ( I know you can stop some effects but this is not the solution to the problem because you don’t get an accurate representation of your game)

Post ideas and don’t hate on Epic they didn’t put a gun to your head and tell you to subscribe…


  1. Turn off realtime rendering by pressing CTRL+R - this will stop your computer from working hard when you are just staring at a wall

  2. In the Toolbar (window>toolbar) click on the **Quick settings **> Engine Scalability Settings > put everything to medium. (The Resolution is a “virtual” resolution that UE4 uses to render the scene after that it is upscaled to your screen resolution )

  3. In the Toolbar (window>toolbar) click on the Material Quality Level> set it to LOW

(in my case I tweaked it so it runs at 120fps so I’m Happy as F*ck :cool:)

Hmm, I used a single 560ti and my load is always really low. Also using an UNDERclocked i7-3820K @ 3.6Ghz and 16GB Ram.

Are you running any other demanding programs at the same time?

well no just the engine I am running windows 8 64bit.
WOW. I found out why. When the windows are undocked they increase the load with around 10% per tab.
Without any floating windows I get around 21% CPU.
I found that the Desktop Window Manager uses around 25% when I undock the scene Outliner, the statistics , and the Blueprint tab.

Edit 2:
When I run the engine in NVsurround and the CPU usage is around 25% and the GPUs use around 39% MUCH BETTER :slight_smile:

You are using very outdated hardware, you must update it. 4 x 4k monitors is the way to go.

I’m sorry but that’s not “very outdated” hardware…

Hehe, just joking about how “decent” are those sepcs. 3x1080p is precisely what can make your performance get down instead of incrementing it. I’m far away from the recommended specs, i7 at 2.93Ghz, 4Gb of ram and ATI Radeon HD 5750, but i have no problems running the engine and compiling projects, only low fps at 1440p. I’m using a Mac, you know, the “not for gaming” machines… meh, until some one builds something for it.

GeForce 240M

Windows 7 (64Bits) 2.20GHz, 4GBRam

Nvidia GeForce GT 240M Cuda 1GB, DirectX9

FPS: 18

wow, thanks! After following your guide I was able to get decent (60-70) FPS on amd radeon 5770.

Thanks for this. The HD 4850 rides again.

FPS Modo Lit: 18
FPS Modo Unlit: 30

I would like to chime in here. I found out that the Slate UI system is one of the culprit, causing constant CPU usage at minimum 10%, and just get higher with every extra window. It does increase GPU usage too, but I’m not sure how much. This means the UI need some serious optimizations here.