High buffer size causing audio distortion

Hello, so I currently have the 4i4 3rs gen and whenever I set the buffer size to 1028 (or whichever number it is I cannot remember) the audio tends to sound choppy and distorted. Turning buffer size down seems to resolve the issue but I was wondering if anyone knows what could be the cause for this?

Is this a question about your audio interface?

1024 is a very large buffer size, you’ll get high latency. I don’t think it should give you glitching, but maybe there’s some problem in the sound driver or system.

Or if you mean 128, that’s actually a smallish buffer size. Fine for real-time music, if your system is tuned for that, but not so fine for a system that does heavy computation, starts falling behind on render frame rate on heavy scenes, and so forth.

In general, though, if your sound buffer size is in the 256-1024 range, and you get significant dropouts and glitches, then that’s more likely to be a problem with your sound device / drivers, than with the software itself.

A high buffer size shouldn’t result in distortion or choppy sound. As jwatte said, a large buffer size results in more latency but also reduces cpu usage.
The bigger the buffer size, the more time the cpu gets to go around and collect our buffer.
Audio dropouts related to buffer size usually only happen when you select a buffer size that is too small.
For me, the word “choppy” sounds like something related to the samplerate.

Issue Solved.