Hierarchy of GUI objects

I have an actor that, when clicked, will spawn 4 other actors next to it that can also be clicked. The behavior I am after is this: click and hold on the main button and display 4 options, then drag over one of the options and release, after which the 4 options disappear, with appropriate roll over animations for main button and the options. Is there a way to do this with blueprint?

Currently I have a main actor that spawns 4 other actors, but the main actor does not know when the states of the other four and can’t destroy them afterwards. If I can dynamically create a hierarchy that would be great. A static one would work too.

Is this possible? Or should this be done in C++?


you just need your main button to have a list of buttons with unique hitbox names. using click and rollover events, you just update the visibility/positions/attributes of these buttons. you don’t need to spawn or delete any actors, these buttons can just be variables owned by the Hud. spawning and deleting things is alot more expensive than gating off the rendering/hitbox branch of part of the hud.