Hierarchy of bones for vehicle

I’m trying to make a vehicle in blender3D and export it to UE4
the mesh works perfectly well, but when I try to apply physics, things don’t go well.
The best results I’ve gotten are with a setup like this:
invisible plane (to act as base) → armature → Bone linked to the main body of the vehicle → 4 wheel bones with the wheels attached.
I’m afraid that the fact that I have export with x50 from blender has something to do, the physics start as something tiny.

What is the hierarchy supposed to be like? I also tried with the armature being the parent of everything else, but that one gives me worse results with the physics

How to get wheeled vehicle from Blender to Unreal Engine 4 from scratch [OLD] - YouTube I know this is old question but if you still don’t know how to here is the link to the tutorial on how to set it all up and running.