Hierarchy and physics with import from blender

Hello guys,

I just started using unreal and I’m struggling with some concepts from unreal and some modelling stuff(I’m using blender for that, btw). I started editing this car model(picked up from and set it up to export to unreal. I basically only wanted the bones and the mesh, so I didn’t export any animations. My goal was to do the physics for the car as much realistic as possible. So I was hoping if you guys could give me some tips about setting up the physics asset of the car, like: the hierarchy that I built in blender is fine? the export settings need some changes? The Single Convex Hull and the Multi Convex Hull are better alternatives to use and which one is the best in that case?

And any other helpful advice I’d appreciate. If I’m posting in the wrong place, please, forgive me, I really need some help. Thanks in advance!