Hierarchical instanced static mesh disable batching

Hello, after 30 instances, “hierarchical instanced static mesh” starts batching all instances. This is something I don’t want for culling. Because they are visible as a group and invisible as a group. How do I turn off batching for HISM?

do you have any idea about it? This is a necessary solution for the progress of our project.

We are still on this issue. Do you have an idea?

Have you tried playing around with these CVars ?

static TAutoConsoleVariable<int32> CVarFoliageUseInstanceRuns(
	TEXT("Whether to use the InstanceRuns feature of FMeshBatch to compress foliage draw call data sent to the renderer.  Not supported by the Mesh Draw Command pipeline."));

I just saw this here, editor is compiling now. The compilation will be completed in a few minutes and I will try and let you know.

I tried all the other commands but it didn’t get me to do what I wanted. “foliage.InstanceRuns is set to 0” replacing it with 1 turns off the drawing completely.

Having a similar issue in Blueprint as well. Any luck figuring this out? My entire HISM group loads/unloads together… I’m in a UE5 world partition map and I’m spawning a maze that is 14x14 with each piece being 2000 units (28,000 units of data all unloading together). My cell size is set to 2000 and Loading Range set to 4,000. Any help would be appreciated!