Hidpi display support?


I just fired up UE4 on my iMac Pro (16 GB of VRAM %) ), considering UnrealEngine for my next project and it looks like this (attached).

“enable hidpi support” is checked in settings → general → appearance, but it looks like that only affects the fonts.

When I launch the game, it looks like it also only renders in 2560x1440, interpolated to the native 5120x2880 of the display.

Am I missing something? %) How can I enable real HiDpi renering support on Mac? (meaning that the internal frame buffer is 1:1 mapped to screen pixels, not only layout pixels).

The event graph also looks super crisp, by the way. it’s only the actual in-game stuff and viewports that render at ¼ of the pixels.

(also attached another screenshot or Unity and Unreal’s gizmos side-by side (moved the windows next to each other).