Hiding Under/In Furniture/Stealth in Horror Game

So I’m looking for a way to hide inside big cabinets, or hide under beds/couches/ other furniture like you can in games such as ‘Outlast’ and ‘Remothered’. (For a quick example skip to 6:10 in the video listed below)

Unfortunately, there are no tutorials on such topics and I’m too new to figure it out by myself. If anyone has any pointers or is kind enough to draw it out, I’d greatly appreciate it! Or if there is a tutorial online that I’m missing. (I am well aware of the tutorials demonstrating hiding in shadows, but unfortunately that’s not quite what I’m looking for)

Thank you!

link text

Here’s the video: skip to 6:10

Hey there, i would say that if you create a root motion animation and trigger it when you interact with the hiding object it should do most of the work.

I would suggest setting up a sequence which would teleport the player to somewhere else on the map when a button is pressed while looking at a cabinet, and run an animation of them climbing into the cabinet, and pressing the button again would play the climbing out animation, and then an on-stop event would teleport the player back to where the animation was last played.

I’ll make a video showing how to do it for you : )

I cant take a picture of the blueprint for some reason, but it makes the animation play when the player presses E and is standing in the collision box.link text

That would be amazing! I’m sure many would appreciate it. Feel free to leave a link! Thank you!

Oh i should have read all comments first lol. awesome! thank you! I’ll let you know how it works and thanks for going out of your way to help!

Heres a more detailed tutorial, if it helps mark this as answered, watch it at 1.5x speed ; )


Hey just saw this! You’re awesome. Thank you for taking the time to do this. This is perfect!

One quick question though: I’m already using the “action” key for picking up objects and opening up doors. But when I set up the sequence using the “action” key as well, it no longer picks up objects or opens up doors. How Can I successfully set up the sequencer to use the “action” key as well as interacting with objects and doors with the same key?

Okay never mind, i figured it out by clicking on the “interact” input and unchecking the “consume” option on the right in every instance it was used.

However, I do have one final question and that is how do you teleport the player during the transition inside the cabinet?

A set actor location would work for that. it sets the location instantly. or you could just toggle the visibility of the mesh

Well, it turns out you can do a ‘set sequence’ node which has the option to hide the character… But, now I’m really hoping this is the final question, do you know if there’s a way to not allow a sequence to end, except if by the player hitting a key/button?

a cursory seach brought up the Play Looping Node that may work if you created a second sequence of just the last frame of your original sequence. The other case i would think of would be a while node but not sure on that one

I would suggest using functions like “is in wardrobe”